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This week I’ve invited the talented Katie from KatieP Makeup to talk about her role in weddings like yours.

I’m Katie and I am a bridal makeup artist (www.katiepmakeup.com). I have been in the wedding industry for the last seven years and let me tell you, I absolutely love my job! It’s not really a job (Shh don’t tell) it’s an absolute pleasure to be part of my couples most special days of their lives.

Not just a makeup artist

I am with you from the crack of dawn until you walk down the aisle, I see you go through so many emotions on your wedding morning. The calm before the storm and the little paddy’s over nothing because you’re just feeling a little overwhelmed! Everything you’ve been planning for the last year or two has been for that day, for that moment, and here we are.

I am the calming aura needed during your morning preparations. Not only will I create flawless makeup to compliment your wedding photographers’ style and wedding theme but I am on hand to help make your morning that little easier and stress free. If you need an extra pair of hands to do up your dress or help dad with his cufflinks I am here to assist.

Client and supplier relationships

For me it is incredibly important that you ‘click’ with your chosen suppliers. You need a super strong relationship with your makeup artist, hairstylist and photographer. You must feel at ease around your chosen team. I make that process incredibly easy from the very first interaction with you. We’ll work together so you know what to expect on your actual wedding day. You should also get this vibe from your photographer, after all they will be capturing some of your most intimate moments of your magical day, and of your life!

If you’ve ever been a guest at a wedding, I’m sure you’ll all be aware of the running’s of a wedding day. There’s always that bit of time after the ceremony when guests are having a mingle and the bride and groom disappear. Well, they’ll be off having some photographs. It’s at this point where both bride and groom need a solid connection with your photographer. You won’t ever be able to achieve or capture those intimate moments again, you’ll want to treasure them forever so get close to your wedding photographer. On the other end of the scale as far as photographs are concerned, you also want someone who can blend into the background and capture those candid shots you’ll miss throughout the day. Even a second photographer can help capture some of the best moments to from your day..

Love isn’t cancelled

We have all been through the mill over the last 10 months, but love is the strongest emotion we can feel. I know how hard it has been for all couples having to make drastic decisions to postpone their wedding or to cut guests down to crazy low numbers. The end is in sight and we can all get through the next however many months together! Your suppliers are here for you, if you have any concerns we can help, just keep in the back of your mind that love isn’t cancelled, and you WILL have the day you dreamed of.

KatieP xo


You can find Katie on her bridal makeup social channels. Please check out her work. Having worked with her I can tell you she is fab. A perfectionist with an infectious personality and as a wedding photographer, a dream to work with.




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