Edinburgh Wedding Photographer


Here we go, today we have a video blog! Here are my three reasons why you should be working with me!

Glasgow Wedding Photographer. Edinburgh Wedding Photographer.

It’s one of those things being a wedding photographer. How do I stand out? And for couples too right? Are photographers all the same?

I pitch myself quite differently. The images speak for themselves, there is nothing we can say about them that you can’t see. The service on offer though, that’s something that is often spoken about.

People need to feel valued. Couples need to know that you are on the same journey as them. For me, there is more to it that pointing the camera one way and ensuring the light is kind. You have to guarantee that you have a positive relationship with each other. It’s about honesty, transparency and no BS!

Wedding Photographers can take lovely pictures, but if your service isn’t right you’ll never get any recommendations.

You’ll remember that bad meal? The rude shop assistant? The bad tailoring on that top you really wanted? and you probably didn’t go back right?

Do you want me to talk about service all day? Call me, I am obsessed with it haha!

Enjoy the film!

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