Engagement Shoot


A guide to engagement shoots.

What even is an engagement shoot?

I once had a friends sister say “what do I want one of those for? This is why the world is a mess!”, harsh words eh?

So just before you even think about suggesting the same (haha), here’s some pointers on how we can make yours really, really special.

Engagement shoots are a brilliant way to build a relationship with your wedding photographer (me). You both get the chance to see how we’ll work as a team, and I can gauge how you’ll both be in front of the camera, how you interact with each other and together we will work out how we approach photography on your wedding day.

To give you some reassurance, most couples are a wee bit awkward and not comfortable in front of the camera so we can use this a practice run if you like? I’ll help you with everything, planning, what to do on the day, everything, so when you get the images back you’ll have an amazing set of portraits to show your family, friends and even the ‘gram!

What to wear?

A smile and something comfortable are your top two bits of advice here.

Choose something you’ve worn before so that you aren’t worrying about how you look. Make that something an outfit that you know turns heads, makes your partner say “WOW”! Something you know will fill you with confidence. It’s that easy.

Use your outfit to reflect yourself and your vibe! That’s what we need to get out of this shoot. That way you’ll love the pictures.

Big logos and images can date photos quite quickly so steer clear of them. Make sure your clothes are ironed (I sound like your mum, I know). Compliment each others vibe, smile and laugh lots and you’ll be great. Honestly!

It’s all about you!

You want to look your absolute best for your images, and while the shoot will be very relaxed it may well be worth considering a professional make-up artist and hair stylist. One thing a lot of couples do is to use the engagement shoot as a trial for the MUA and the stylist. This helps you learn even more about your team for the day and how we can all help you both look fantastic.

If you need any recommendations, just shout me and I’ll help.


We can all plan the shoot together, no problem at all, but have you thought about the day of you shoot?

A nice breakfast and walk together in your favourite place? A lazy morning? Nice lunch out then the shoot? What will work best for you? Whatever that is, do it, but please, please make time for the shoot. The best shoots are never rushed, always planned and fit into a magical day for two lovebirds!


Choose the best location for your shoot and I’ll meet you there. We can even do multi-locations if they are close by. Whatever works best to tell your love story.

A place you met, a place you meet, your “our time” place or somewhere you’ve never been. An engagement shoot will help capture this part of your love story perfectly.

My hands, what do I do with my hands?

Some couples are totally comfortable, some will never have noticed their hands so much in their life. But don’t worry, relax, they’ll find a place perfectly. I am there to reassure you, to coach you and to even help place you in the best position for the shot. That’s my job. I do it most days. You just smile, right?

My advice for any couple is when in doubt, look at each other like it’s the last time you’ll see each other for a while. Use your hands, lips, eyes to communicate only. No words. Do that and you’ll not only look naturally in love but we’ll get some incredible photographs.

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