Wedding Photography Cost?


Wedding Photography “cost” is such a big question for many people, but there’s also those that look at value, right?

For me, if the first questions are about cost before we have even spoken about desires and value, then I will (and am more than happy to) lose that business. That’s not the game I am in. Wedding photography for me is an investment into your day, you both, your unique story and into future memories. Payment plans can help you get what you want (and deserve) but that comes later. First of all you don’t want to look back and think “I wish we would’ve….” do you?

Price Guides

I send out price guides to couples like you when they have enquired and we have chatted. Again these aren’t to show how much things cost, but to tell the story of how the products will enhance your wedding day memories. To build trust and to evoke desire. If i’m doing my job correctly then price doesn’t even come into yet. That’s all better than just some figures right? You now know what you’re getting or could have. Choices are so important and you need to be in control.

Wedding budget

Everyone has one, everyone breaks them, everyone hates or loves them. We’re planning our wedding at the moment. I totally get it. You need to get what’s important to you and no alternative will do? If you can’t have it, you don’t want anything else? If that suit or wedding dress isn’t available then it’s really hard to set your sights on another one right? The same with venues, cakes, cars, rings whatever it may be. So why not with photography?

These days everybody has a camera. We take selfies, snapchat, instagram photos and post them. We are all photographers? Maybe, maybe not. Has photography lost its value? For some people yes I believe it has, these are the “cost” crowd. “My mate at work has a DSLR and he can do it for £300”, that’s great. Let them do it.

The believers

Thankfully not all people are like that though. The people I love, and that love what I do, see the value. The investment, the art, the creativity, the relationship the passion to understand that the morning swim is part of your day and that’s where we start the wedding prep. The aunt that is being picked up from the train station at 7am, does your wedding story start there? If so let’s do it. Who are the key figures in the day, how did they meet, where do they all fit in to your love story? What about that little family necklace, who gave you that? Why? How do we express all of this so that when you see your images you feel something? You feel laughter, you cry, you sit silently and just enjoy that moment again.

That’s where we are at isn’t it? The story, the meaning, the reason we are talking about your wedding day and this magical part of your love story. It’s not cost is it?

A bride recently said to me “I don’t see these as pictures, it’s a set of emotions personal to us”. I cried. That is exactly how I want you to feel, and that’s exactly what you want to feel isn’t it?

Cost or Value?

So if you’ve got this far you’re probably team value? if not then there’s still time to cross over to the good side! Here is a recent testimonial I received from Jen. I hope you love it as much as I do?

If so, get in touch and let’s create a magical day for you both.

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