Scottish Castle Wedding


Jen & Chris – Cornhill Castle

The moment Jen’s parents saw her as a bride

A love story

Jen and Chris have an amazing story. A true love story. Tough times, great times, times apart, times together, always in love. Canadian Jen met Scotsman Chris at work as they passed in the theatre corridor. They’ve been rocked by the pandemic, losing jobs, their home, but never each other.

A few months ago Jen and I spoke for the first time as she was planning their wedding at Cornhill Castle. We had an amazing video call and she told me their story, it was very moving. We chatted about photography and how we can use that to celebrate their love and wedding and within a couple hours I was booked in! Perfect!

Thistle and Maple leaf wrist tattoos


Jen and Chris are as goofy as it gets when it comes to being in love. The looks, the smiles, the cheeky hugs and sarcastic shrugs, I saw them in all in one day. Magical. Even the way Jen has a thistle tattoo and Chris a Maple leaf to celebrate their bond, it’s so simple, I frigging love them both you know?

There was no bullshit with this wedding. It was so simple, so intimate and as a photographer it was nice to be so involved. Even down to Jen using my camera for selfies when I left the room!

There’s no hiding that Jen is the loud one in this relationship, she’s incredible, and Chris? Well he is a gentleman in every sense of the word. Here is the slideshow with audio from their wedding day. Enjoy the photos and the story they both tell, it’s beautiful.

A Scottish Castle Wedding – Cornhill Castle

Kind words

As a wedding photographer you rely on word of mouth or a testimonial more than anything for your next booking. It’s more powerful than an advert or even a blog post! You can imagine my delight when Jen took the time to write this for me?

1,000 WOW’s for this.

“When you get engaged, there is a flurry of excitement. First, gotta ogle at the new bling, tell everyone you know, and get used to saying “my fiancé”. After that- in my case anyway- it went into planning mode… and battle stations.
See, I had 3 months to plan the wedding, my own fault and choice. But Mom and Dad were coming from Canada and our gorgeous castle dream venue was available. Go Time.
Now time to get everything else organised including a photographer. This is where I met Ryan. Here I was thinking, I will book a photographer just like I booked my décor or my flowers… how wrong I was.

Amazing Customer Service

Once the contract was signed, I expected that to be it until the wedding day.
But Ryan doesn’t just provide excellent product, service, value for money, basic photo packages etc. Nope. Ryan becomes an integral part of your process and big day.

We met at a café, messaged constantly, talked ideas and thoughts, I even was able to get some other wedding stress of my chest (sorry Ryan but thanks for listening!)

He would share in excitement, comfort stress, and be a friend throughout.
The day arrives and I am genuinely excited to see him and Kim (our second shooter). Throughout the day he made me laugh, let me poke fun at his expense, and most importantly (to me), he blended with the family.

He was never intrusive, never got in the way of anyone’s sightlines/pictures, but somehow got every shot I wanted from the best angles. (What I am saying is that he is basically a wizard…)

A social butterfly not just a wedding photographer?

Not only was he professional, punctual, and pretty incredible at his job: he mingled where needed. Which I LOVED. The parents of both myself and the Groom commented on how nice and pleasant he was to talk to and that they loved having him there. He became part of the celebrations while also providing leaps and bounds above my expectations.

Ryan was on the floor, in the rain, walked ages to get to a spot I wanted to get to (thank you Kim for getting the car so we didn’t have to walk back!), and nothing was too much trouble. Ryan made me feel like the most special person from start to finish. I didn’t feel like another bride. I was never made to feel like I was one of many (or one of any!). It truly felt one-on-one and personal from the first message, to the video call, to the café, to the big day, and beyond.

The best Scottish wedding photographer?

The pictures speak for themselves, a mixture of bright and airy, and dark and sexy make for a perfect mix for prints, posts, and sending Grandma. He caught smiles, tears, hugs, dancing…he captured life lived in the moment- what more could you ask for than that.

Ryan is amazing. 10/10. 10,000/10. I cannot recommend him highly enough, not only as a photographer but as a damn-good human being. I genuinely didn’t think I would say such a thing about a wedding vendor, but here we are!
Thank you so much for being part of my big day. I am so happy I met you and I could not be happier with our decision to hire you.

Go be famous and shoot for Vogue”

Here’s the gallery from the day

Castle Wedding Photography

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  1. Kevin and Linda Sholdice says:

    Love the photos of the love story of Jen and Chris. Amazing job Ryan of making us feel like we were there.
    Aunt Linda and Uncle Kevin

  2. Lorraine Marr says:

    OMG as mother of the groom this just made me cry!!! Both Ryan and Jen’s sentiments are so true and spoken from the heart!! It truly was a magical and intimate day and I am truly thankful that Ryan( and Kim) were such an integral part of it. They captured special moments from beginning to end! They were patient, understanding and went above and beyond what was required or asked of them!! I never tire of looking at the photos and love the little video Ryan made using some of the photos with added dialogue from Chris and Jen!!
    I would not hesitate in recommending pretty flamingo weddings and thank Ryan ( and Kim) for the wonderful lasting memories the photographs have given us! X?