An Edinburgh Engagement Shoot


Lauren & Emma share a “nearly kiss” moment with a smile.

So many couples are getting engaged right now and that is fantastic! For so long love seemed to be on hold, so it is so good to see LOVE everywhere again and the engagement shoots that follow.

Engagement shoots

I’ve mentioned these before on this post and I absolutely love them. My 2022 started with a very special engagement shoot in Dean, Edinburgh with the most adorable, fun, in love and cool as fuck couple Lauren and Emma.

Having only seen Dean on instagram before I didn’t know what to expect apart from a quaint part of the old town. This was where Lauren and Emma wanted to do their shoot so I was pretty excited. We met on the bridge as the sun started to shine through the rain clouds. It was beautiful.

“Pink to make the girlfriend wink”

After speaking to couples I often pop on your socials to get a feel of what you are like individually and as love birds. Lauren and Emma’s socials were super exciting and you can totally see their personalities through their photos. Both, on separate occasions make reference to their love of pink to impress the other! Cute eh?

Emma is without doubt the louder one of the duo. Her bold, pink, waist high disco-pants confirmed this as they walked towards me on the bridge, both smiling with little pooch Leila trotting along too.

Before each engagement shoot you’ll get a brief with ideas and a link to a guide of what to expect. I was so pleased that Emma and Lauren took my advice in so many ways. Even those trousers I mentioned purposely selected to match that shit hot pink hair of Lauren’s. So cool! Lauren’s space jacket was worn because Emma loves space (she wants to go), the latter even has a planet as part of their “matching” tattoos. See how awesome these two are? I love them.

Emma (left), Lauren with little Leila, laughing their way through the shoot

Love is contagious, pass it on!

I absolutely love, love. I say it all the time, it’s true. Two strangers meet and they fall in love, forever. It’s fucking nuts really, but it’s magical right?

The pandemic has had so many negative effects on so many people, but do you know what? I am hearing of more and more love stories where the challenging times have actually led to people meeting! Em and Loz are no different. Emma’s creative job in the hospitality industry was lost as a result, and as she found a new job to see her through, she then met Lauren, who 6 months later, she was engaged to. Perfect. Cupid strikes again. Job done.

That’s where love is fantastic. It happens for the right people at the right time. Nobody expects it. It’s like the best gift ever is love.

Laughing in love. Not live, laugh, love obvs !

As we chatted and walked around Dean, these two laughed lots and shared stories of their romance. Breaks in Blackpool, proposals in Cornwall and people buying them “matching PJ’s as they are a same sex couple”, sooooo cliche haha!

Their love story is as perfect as it is goofy and I was so honoured to be part of it to capture this engagement shoot.


As it stands it’s pretty early days for Lauren and Emmas plans but their ideas for their wedding day sound perfect. Very similar to those I blogged about recently. They’ve told me already that they want me to be their photographer so I am totally excited about that.

You see that’s where the connection between a couple and a photographer is so important. You have to know you’re right for each other. It’s a swipe right of a different kind but it’s so important.

When you choose your photographer you’ve got to be comfortable around them, able to listen and able to talk openly. That way it’ll all be so easy on the day of your engagement shoot or when you need them as your wedding photographer. You need to be yourself, posing won’t feel like posing and you’ll end up with fun, natural photos like those above or in the slideshow below.

Three things I’ll always advise you ask yourselves about a photographer are

?? do we like their style ?
? do we like them as a person ?
?? can I trust them to do their thing, bring us value and photos we’ll love forever

If you’ve got three yes’ you’re a match, BOOK THEM (me).

I absolutely love third wheeling on wedding days so we need to trust each other, talk lots and have a laugh along the way too.

It’s such an important relationship. If the vibe isn’t right, it makes it so hard for everyone.


I can safely say the vibe with Emma and Lauren was bang on. They LOVE what I do, the Pretty Flamingo brand and me as person and a photographer. For me, these beauts fall into my list of perfect clients that I have worked with and will work with over the next few weeks, months and years.

Why not sit back and enjoy this slideshow of their engagement shoot in Edinburgh so you can see what all of this is about.

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