No awks photos!


Lauren and Emma totally in love, and totally not awkward, YAY!

Hey, so the other day on instagram I was asked the question of “How do you help couples relax, and forget that there’s a camera there?” when we are doing a shoot.

It’s quite simple from my end really. It’s about communication, so it’s helping couples prepare for a shoot. Whether that be a phone call, sending them a couple of blog articles that I’ve written. Answering any questions, asking for their expectations, managing their expectations and helping couples understand how we can
create some wonderful art through having a very open line of communication between us.

Look at the lollicopter in action

Here’s a video to tell you more (Look at the thumbnail face hahaha)

You can find my engagement shoot guide by hitting this link here. Or you can return to the main site and book your wedding photography chit chat here

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