Choosing the right Photographer


The right photographer, what is it about?

I’m obsessed with Pretty Flamingo Weddings. Completely. As are those awesome couples that book me. It’s so important to ensure couples that book PFW know what it’s about.

It’s not beige, there’s no mammoth group shops or 1990’s poses. Never about the “intoxicating romance and glamour” of whatever, it’s about you being an awesome couple and me third wheeling with a camera or two.


My business couch Jai Long tells me , that if you don’t evolve you die. True story. When Pretty Flamingo Weddings was created two years ago, it was nowhere near the brand it is now. It was lost, confused and I soon realised how uncomfortable it was. Time for a change so I stripped it back from the beige, the greens and all the things that I am not.

Borne were the bold colours, the relaxed language and it became a true extension of who I am. Your wedding photographer!

The Vibe

We aren’t on The Apprentice so I will never use “Brand”, but the vibe for your business has to be right. It has to match the couples that you want, and make the right couples want you. No one wedding photographer is right for everyone and no couple is right for every photographer. It’s a science. It’s a swipe right of a different kind. When a couple is right for Pretty Flamingo Weddings, I’ll tell them. Equally if we aren’t quite a match then those couples need to know. I need to know. Rejection isn’t a bad thing, it helps us get it right. It helps us grow and evolve, because if we don’t evolve then….yeah!

The Yes and No’s

There’s a few things that I look out for with a couple when then come to me that can indicate if we are a match or not. Here’s a table I’ve put together which explains a few!

Still not sure? Have a watch of this short video which tells you even more about the Pretty Flamingo Weddings VIBE!



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