Epic Wedding Photos


How to get epic wedding photos!

Your photographer should be helping you create awesome images like this!

Is that a styled shoot or a wedding?

I was actually asked that this morning. It’s a question that is asked a lot, because people don’t believe that they can have really cool as fuck photos from their wedding!

People aren’t exposed to as many weddings, or photographers as us professionals so they naturally have quite a limited idea of what a wedding could look like. The prep with the dress hanging up, the cheesy as fuck pictures of the immediate guests pretending to look shocked (for the gram) as they get a “first look”, the group shots, the list goes on, that’s the perception but it’s far from reality.

The solution?

Pick a decent photographer (me), talk lots, let them plan with you, and you WILL get shots to blow you away and to hang in every room of your home!

Here’s a film about my thoughts on this

It take less time to capture this, than it does to organise a group shot!

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