Wedding Experience


Here’s a guide to your Pretty Flamingo Wedding experience and journey.

One of the beautiful, luxury, gloss black wooden boxes that you’ll receive after you’ve seen your emotive slideshow and online gallery.


First things first you’ll get a friendly welcome when you either email, follow on IG or pop into my studio space in Glasgow. It’s the smallest of things I know but I’ll always make sure you get a thanks for following. There’s your first smile!

The beginning of your Pretty Flamingo Weddings romance.

Then what?

I want to hear all about your story – let’s catch up and chat about all the amazing things you’re planning! Whether it’s over the phone, zoom, or a coffee IRL, we’ll have a brainstorm to make sure we’re on the same page. 

I’m over the moon that you’re choosing me to be your wedding photographer…WAHOOO, THANK YOU! I’ll send you a booking fee invoice and contract to sign, so we can get the boring stuff out of the way and start diving into the fun bits!

Throughout your wedding planning journey, I’ll only ever be a DM away. From scouting shoot locations to helping you finesse your run sheet, I’ll pour every ounce of my energy into making sure you have the most awesome experience ever. 

Capturing (and third-wheeling) your every special moment, you can soak all the love in, let your hair down and get royally pissed knowing that your memories are safe with me. I’ll also be sending you 3-5 sneak peeks within a couple of days!

Time to relive the glorious magic all over again. Grab a drink and get cosy because it’s time to view your wedding gallery and online slideshow! You might want to have a few tissues handy to! You’ll also receive a special gift in the mail.

It has to be fun, comfortable and 100% YOU

I’ll keep in touch as much as you want. A few couples want very limited interaction and I’m cool with that, however most of the Pretty Flamingo Weddings couples LOVE chatting a lot, on Whatsapp or the social channels as they plan their days.

I love chatting, learning about you, your wedding celebs, your plans and even offering advice, tips or pointing you the way of another helpful supplier. You’ve booked me so we need to build a team of likeminded people and I, like you, should be all over that!

Possibly the best wedding experience out there! True story.

Check this post out above from a facebook group, I LOVE THIS! It’s what I’m about! Be nice, be helpful and smile. Easy.


Away from the increds pictures and the absolute world class wedding experience, something else that is so important to me is my education. I don’t mean the shite that you learn at college but the stuff that helps me build a better business for you and also that helps me show up as the best version of myself. Every. Single. Time!

Happily surrounding myself around likeminded people and educators is something I’ll always do. And I’ll shout about it too. Each year I spend £1000’s on courses, mentoring, equipment to make me a better person and photographer. From Jonas Peterson to Jennifer Moher to Jai Long (or anyone else with a christian name beginning with J!!!) , I’ll take what they preach and make my business, service, photos even better. You have to keep evolving, every day, week and month, it is so important to learn one thing each day that forces change!

Why would you hire someone that basis their biz on something they learnt 20 years ago?

More to come…

I’m currently in the middle of improving things for new couples. I’m introducing the most amazing cool as fuck welcome packs and a whole load more to my wedding service, and to your journey. If there is ever a time to get on board, it’s now! The Pretty Flamingo Weddings Love Club is COMING SOON !

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