Love Club


Love Club – WTF is it?

Love Club was launched on April 1, it’s no joke though. Two brides living the vibe!

Love Club – For the Cool as Fuck Lovebirds

It’s a vibe. It’s here. It’s cool as fuck. And it’s going to be fucking mega.

For me, for you, it’s so important to give couples the best service. Not the best service you can, but the best service there is. It’s actually a conscious decision not to.

Feeling Valued

Being great at wedding photography, or make up, hair, floristry, dress making etc is great, it’s a goal right? But if the couples that use you, rely on you, don’t feel valued then guess what? You’re doing it wrong.

We live in a world of tagging, slagging and leaving reviews, and don’t get me wrong I will leave a shite review as frequently as I’ll leave a great one, we all should, but most head to post if they aren’t happy, right?

Before this world I worked in professional football for 9 years, dealing with supporters. Supporter services, customer services, call it what you want. It was there that I realised that it’s not just about servicing to avoid a shit review. It’s about over delivering, blowing people away, making them feel valued, getting up in the morning and doing it all over again. Create Monday morning stories. You have to.

The Wedding industry is full of horror stories. There are so many photographers robbing a living and not only getting away with shit photographs, but also with shit service….and watermarks.

I choose to “over service” because that’s my ethos. It makes people feel valued and IT’S FREE! Why wouldn’t you?

Google “Ryan Murrant and Woody” for your smiles!

The Love Club

So yeah, what even is this thing!

My couple service is a magical as this disco ball.

It’s about when we engage. You choose, you sign, you pay the booking fee and then…. It’s about that “then”.

We could wait….wait until a month before your wedding and then speak again. I could then ask for the remainder of your balance, small talk and then see you 30 days later at your big day, most do.

But no. That’s not the right choice. For me it’s about being your mate, being your “go-to” when you need some help, advice or another supplier. What attracted you to my work? what do you love? what do you want your images for?and where you going to hang them? We’ll chat about that on the way.

“Scroll stopping content” is something I go on about all the time, and it’s important, but I also hate the IG world and how we seem to need it to start a conversation. I would rather create you incredible images that we can print and hang on your walls and I’m guessing so would you?

Oh, and while I am here, why the fuck do people not only take, but couples accept photographers taking photos of shoes, a ring, a ring on a shoe….. in a rose bush, or a dress hanging up? Some wedding photographer once did this, someone copied them and look!! A niche within a niche was engineered. If you want pictures of shoes, rings and dresses, go on the websites you bought them from, don’t pay for them!

Photos of pointless details belong in the bin!

What can you expect from the love club?

As you’d expect, a given is the WOW in your service, let’s call it “couple service”. You’ll get all the love you want from me as your photographer. You’ll get a cool as fuck frame and image to hang on your walls at home, personalised and showcasing your wedding day to come. You’ll get a load of artwork postcards to pin up, use as coasters (?) and to whack on your socials if you want. Two mugs, i’ll send you two of them also, then you can think of Pretty Flamingo Weddings morning, noon and night? Winning. You’ll also get other gifts sent your way as your journey goes on! OHHHH and the champagne, you’ll get a bottle of that too……darling…mmmmwah!

So why all the fuss?

Because it’s so important to me for you to feel valued. I’ll celebrate you lovebirds because you chose me. I’ll blow you away I absolutely promise. It’s not about the gimmicks or the brand, it’s about you two. Your love. Your story. Your journey.

Of course if it’s not for you then don’t worry, it’s not for everyone. You could go and read the google reviews if it helps but of course you can always come and have a chat if you think you’re cool enough.

Speak soon

Ry x

The Love Club

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  1. God I love this! Can’t wait to do our big day with you!?