Super8 Film


Super8 Film makes your wedding day EPIC


Everyone loves Super8 footage and that’s why I offer it as part of your wedding coverage.

Picture yourself now, it’s your wedding day, in between the photos we grab the original 1976 Nikon camera and I third wheel around with you both capturing the magic.

The grain, the light leaks, the jumpy film capturing your goofiness and smiles. It’s so fucking perfect.

Rosie and Imogen captured on Super8 film in Glasgow

Pure quality

Super8 isn’t for everyone, but it is for those that want their love story on celluloid (literally, you even get the film). Not filters, no fannying around trying to match the look of 1970’s camera, you can have it all here with Pretty Flamingo Weddings.

I discovered the camera in an antique shop. Hardly used with a film inside and a receipt from 1976. I melted and bought it for…… £80! WOW.

Now we can use it to get you some incredible footage that will be digitised, edited with music and audio from your day.


Nikon 1976 Super8 Camera

The process

It’s likely you may not get how this all works. Y’know it’s 2022, your wedding is in 2025 or something and your parents weren’t even born when this rascal was manufactured!

So here’s some info on whats what!

The Plan

⚡️ You choose how much footage you want

? We order the film

⚡️We compliment your wedding photography with film

The after

? The film is sent off to be developed

✌? Once it’s back I edit it, add some audio from the day and music

? It’s then processed my end

The Magic

? I’ll whack the film onto YouTube or Vimeo for you

? You’ll then get the link to watch, to share and to ugly cry to

?The actual film on reel will be sent to you


Is it cheap? no, is it expensive? that’s subjective, will it make your wedding content POP? YES! It’s like nothing you or your friends will have seen on their wedding days and that’s what we want right?

We can get you a short film (less than 3 mins) with just one film for £650, you’ll just need to let me know if you want the coverage inside or outside so we get the right exposure! If you want longer coverage you’ll need more reels. Price wise that’ll be a total of £800 for two, of course like everything we can tailor anything to your day.

Fancy it?

If this is all you are about, hit this link and drop me your deets. We can start planning when you’re ready.

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