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Wedding Rings and wedding choices

A new wedding ring | Fuck Traditions

THAT is a wedding ring. An awesome one. One of a kind from @hellcatjewellery made for me for our wedding in June. Go check Jo’s work out, she’s increds!


Why am I explaining that? Because for many folk it’s not a normal ring. Most think a ring needs to be thin, white gold or yellow gold and look like the aunts or uncles ring that got married 10 years ago.

An 8mm ring, manufactured by hand and created to look this fucking cool isn’t what a ring should look like! It hurts tradition, it offends the right people and works for those that love it.

Making the right choice

We sit here this side of the wedding industry knowing that your wedding day can be what you want it to be. In every way. But so many couples get engaged and then fall down a wormhole of shit hotels, swirly carpets and a salaried wedding planner who probably doesn’t give a fuck about anything but their chair spinning at 5pm. Stop listening to anyone else but yourselves, get educated as to what’s out there and be inspired about your day.

When it comes to photography every photograph you receive should be worthy of hanging on your wall, or at the very least, stopping the scroll.

HOWEVER there a still many people that go with cheap or a photographer that has been doing it for years etc. STOP this shit now.
1 – cheap anything is just that
2 – experience is great if they have evolved, but if your photographer still thinks colour popping photos is modern and that a group shot in height order will ever be looked at ever again, then get them in the bin FFS.

Bollocks to your maw and mother-in-law to be

If your wedding planning is your mums dream and not yours get it to fuck now. Get on Pinterest and explore that huge world of wedding inspo, talk to your favourite suppliers, your dream suppliers and ask them for help and advice. They will all help you and if they aren’t available they’ll find someone who is for you.

Your wedding day is yours to enjoy so make it yours.

There is no “what a wedding should look like” just “whatever the fuck you want”

Top Tips

🦩Your MIL isn’t getting married – ignore them
🖤The family tartan all your family have married in is irrelevant. If you don’t want it, don’t have it.
🎞Get a photographer who won’t settle, ensure they invest time and money in training and becoming a better version of themselves

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