The Best Wedding Photography Experience


Me looking awkward mid flight with Jamie and Rebecca at The Scotsman, Edinburgh

The best wedding photography experience is what you want right? Great, that’s what you’ll get. That’s what Pretty Flamingo Weddings is about.

It’s 100% about you, making you both feel valued, happy and creating Monday morning stories from your enquiry , to you joining the Pretty Flamingo Love Club to receiving your images delivered in the most wonderful way. Ugly crying guaranteed.

Why though?

Customer, client, people experience matters. Great photos are just that, great, and we can do them, loads of photographers can, but not many do great service. That’s not a criticism, we all have difference priorities but for me, for you, I want you to feel blown away with our relationship.

The Extra Mile and miles…

Cliche innit, to say you go the extra mile? but I will do. It’s a strange decision not to? I will genuinely do all I can to help you with your photos, your planning, tips on how to swerve a controlling parent or trying to find a flashing dance floor (current project) for you. I will do all I can to help make your day epic!

Happy Flamingos

I’ve got no idea if Flamingos can be happy to be honest but let’s run with that for now! There’s loads of reviews on Google if you want to check them out, or on the insta page but check this rascal from Jamie who I met with on Tuesday. It’s a belter and they are her words not mine so read on and smile and dream about being a ….er….. happy flamingo!


Do we have to become BFF’s? No, not at all, you have much cooler pals than me for starters! We can however talk as much as you like, zoom whenever or meet up like I did with Jamie to plan your day.

Get in touch

There are links all over the site to get in touch, you can even WhatsApp directly here if it helps?

I can’t wait for you to enjoy the wedding photography experience I offer, your wedding day will be epic so we may as well make it epic together right?

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