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The Caves | Wedding | Edinburgh

Amy & Darren | The Caves | Edinburgh

The Venue

It’s a great little venue. Cute, atmospheric, unique. The lighting is low however which for your wedding vibe will be perfect. It works with either loads of flowers and decor or, as Amy & Darren did, with loads of candles and fairy lights. It looked incredible. That does mean however that it can be a challenge for your photographer and TBH, despite experience and training I was anxious about this wedding because of the light. Alas, it was all ok!


The staff here are fab and as a wedding photographer you need that. It can be a long day without help but they were so helpful throughout which made things go swimmingly.

Thank you email to the staff at The Caves

The Photos

As I mentioned the light is low which does add drama to shots but can also be a challenge. Every photographer will take on the challenge differently of course. I chose more direct flash than I would normally use and delivered more black and white photos, but I tell you what! The images look EPIC and Amy & Darren LOVE them.

As a wedding couple you will enjoy The Caves, there are a couple of windows you can get some great natural light shots in and space outside for some cool candid photos. The main rooms themselves are lovely. Tight at times but it does means that your guests don’t get lost and stay together to celebrate and your photographer can also get some great shots from the balcony.

Natural light through a window at The Caves | Wedding Venue Edinburgh

A fun couple

Working with Amy and Darren was great fun. I had a great relationship with them before the wedding which helps everyone massively on the day. You don’t have to be BFF’s with your wedding suppliers but you totally need a connection. I felt part of their families for the day. There were no awkward silences and when Amy was taking time out to be a mum and to breastfeed her little bubba, it meant Darren and I could not only chat football and music, but also take out our own time from being cool (haha). As Darren joked, “it’s hard being cool isn’t it?”. I agreed. Naturally!

The gallery

You want to see the images? Well hold tight rockstars, here’s the slideshow of the day from the prep to the party!


Something I have to mention is that you shouldn’t follow Google maps if you’re trying to find The Caves. It takes you to a road on a bridge rather than to the venue below the main road. Head for House of Gods and it’s literally near by, or park in the Blackfriars car park and turn RIGHT and then right again when you come out of it and not left up the hill as it suggests.

Wedding Day socials

You can see some more images below from the day or check out my IG for more on the day content and stories!

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