Editorial Wedding Photography


A Wedding with Editorial Vibes – Alternative and Editorial Wedding Photography!

Group shots of your wedding party don’t have to suck! We can go BIG, we can go EPIC, You will LOVE them!

The Wedding of Mairéad and Shaun

What a fun wedding this was, and I was totally buzzing for both Mairéad and Shaun to be so focussed on filling their day with photos and some Super8 footage. Location wise, we were up at Peebles Hydro in the Scottish Borders.

The Brief

It was simple, photos, photos, photos! We planned a lot and I mean A LOT! It’s the best way. It builds relationships and trust which can only help on the day, and it means both parties know what is happening on the day. Expectation management! Perfect.

M & S had worked out what they wanted covering so it was down to myself and my second shooter to make the magic happen! It was a long day for sure, I was working from 9am-10pm but we got some incredibly romantic, dramatic and beautiful images that are full of emotion. The real feels!

The Editorial Photography Execution

The day was simple really. Well, it was complex from what was required from the couple but with that plan and everything in place it was super easy to capture all Mairéad and Shaun had dreamt of. Most of the work was in the prep shots and the ceremony, the other stuff falls into place as the day unfolds. It’s candid. It’s about capturing the looks, the hands, the eyes, the kisses, the touches, the smiles, the giggles. THE LOVE! Capture the love as it happens and the photos, well they’ll speak for themselves.

With those unreal group shots, these took about 15 minutes in total to shoot (7 images). My setting up time was about 20 mins as I set up a small studio in one of the rooms. Once that was done, M & S came in with the guests, we worked to the planned list and BOOM! It was all done.

That Editorial Wedding Photography!

So here are the images for you to enjoy! Don’t forget you can keep up-to-date with all Pretty Flamingo Weddings over on instagram!

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