Edinburgh City Wedding


An Edinburgh City Wedding? Always fucking awesome.

Jamie and Lee cross a busy road in Edinburgh after they married in the City Chambers.

Busy City, Big smiles!

Jamie and Lee married in the Edinburgh City Chambers in the middle of August.

In the middle of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival! Chaos? Yes, loads of fun? Yes, did they also hire a party bus with karaoke? Absolutely Yes. It was so much fun, all day, before they took their party to Fazenda for some incredible food and then headed back to The Scotsman Hotel for a chilled out party.

Epic Wedding Photos

I love photographs with LOTS of edge. Alternative but with a nod to editorial. Cool as fuck, but relaxed enough to be authentic. It’s the only way to be. Every photo should be worthy of a place on your wall, in a frame, in an album at the very least on your socials. You’ll see in the gallery below there is so much laughter and love captured from this wedding. It was an absolute pleasure to be there and then to edit the images, create the slideshow and then of course to fine tune the online gallery. Any Edinburgh City Wedding looks fab but this one, amongst the hustle and bustle of the fringe crowds had a different edge to it.

Busy crowds, busy road. Edinburgh.

Photographs that look epic!

That’s what you want and that’s what i’ll do. Check this one out from Jamie and Lee’s day. It was taken in The Scotsman Hotel around 8pm. I set up the studio lights in one of the rooms which took about 10 mins, then I grabbed J & L to have a few shots for about 10-15 minutes of their time. Easy. Absolutely anyone can look this fab on their wedding day. You don’t have to hang around either, I’ll just get you when things are ready and within a few minutes you’ll be back with your guests. You’ll have a fab selection of candids capturing all the real feels and then incredible shots for your wall.

Love and laughter in The Scotsman, Edinburgh.

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