Forest Wedding in Dunkeld


What a beautiful wedding this was in the Forest in Dunkeld at The Hermitage.

Jess & Eilish share a kiss in the River Braan at The Hermitage Dunkeld, situated in the The Craigvinean Forest

Forest Wedding

It’s a beaut this one. Jess & Eilish chose an incredibly romantic way of marrying away from the world in the most idyllic of settings.

Just the couple and three friends were at The Hermitage to witness this exchange of vows and love. The sun beaming through the leaves onto the forest paths. It was light leak heaven for me as a wedding photographer.

Jess & Eilish walk up to the Ossians Hall to marry.

The Perfect day?

If there is a perfect day, this was probably it. No fuss, just love, no guests or family to stress you out, no parading for the sake of others or trying to stick to meaningless traditions. A wedding day is whatever you want of course, but there really were so many magical, whimsical and special things about this intimate forest wedding. Just two people being in love, sharing laughs, kisses, squeezes, skin touches with just the squirrels and birds looking on. What’s not to love?

The Sun beams leak through on to the lovebirds Jess & Eilish

Planning Wedding Photography

You’ll see the images below in the gallery. There are so many lovely, romantic photos in there and even more in the slideshow. That’s my job of course, but what made this so much easier was the planning and getting to know Jess and Eilish.

We don’t have to be BFF’s but it really helps to understand a couple, their personalities, what they do and don’t want and most of all to help them be comfortable in front of the camera. That’s where engagement shoots help (here’s Jess and Eilish’s). We chatted lots, I visited the venue a couple of times myself to plan and then a week before the wedding we met up at The Hermitage to finalise all the details for the day and to sort the “ideal” photography locations. Perfect. The best way.

Two newly wed hands together in the River

Creative Wedding Photography

It’s really easy to fall into the trap of thinking what a wedding should like, but there are no rules. Traditional wedding or not, NO RULES!

I’m so grateful for the trust Eilish & Jess put in me for their day. They allowed creative, experimental and fun wedding photography and as a result they have incredible photographs to hang on their walls.

I hope you love them too.

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