Guide to your Wedding Photography


Guide to your Wedding Photography

Edinburgh Elopement Bride on a hill in the elements. Dress by Flossy & Dossy.

The Rules and Traditions

Well there are no rules, let’s get that straight. It’s your day and you can do what you want. Try not to get blinded by tradition (it’s mostly bollocks) and what your family or wedding co-ordinator may want with every aspect of your wedding. It’s 2022 ffs, no one is a virgin anymore and we don’t need photos like your aunty had 15 years ago right? Do it your way….PLEASE!

How do we decide what wedding photographs to have?

Wedding day photography inspiration
Wedding day photography inspiration

You don’t have to really! I mean you need a say in it, but when we work together we’ll chat lots, plan no end, probably over share our lives and then together we can work out what is best for those photos. That all depends on the plan for the day, the venue, timings etc.

When couples book Pretty Flamingo Weddings we often have a little group chat set up for any questions, to share ideas, and after the initial meeting or zoom we will meet a couple of times before your magical day to fine tune the deets!

Tips – A Guide to Wedding Photography

#1 Trust your wedding photographer

Me, Ryan of Pretty Flamingo Weddings with Jamie and Lee on their wedding day in Edinburgh.
Me, Ryan of Pretty Flamingo Weddings with Jamie and Lee on their wedding day in Edinburgh.

As your wedding photographer I’m there to help you get great photos, that’s the deal right? So we need trust. You two just be you, I’ll be third wheeling doing what I do and working my arse off to get you images that you can hang on your walls!

By the time your wedding day is here we will have chatted lots, probably had an engagement shoot so we should all be comfortable with each other, YAY!

If there is anything on the day you do or don’t want to do, then just say! If we’ve planned something and then you change your mind, it’s cool! I’ll remind you of why you wanted “it” first of all just to make sure but it’s your day! Openness and trust are key throughout.

#2 Have Fun with your wedding photos

Two alternative brides covered in confetti touch heads
Two alternative brides Jess and Eilish covered in confetti touch heads

Massively important this one! If you aren’t loving it then it will show and your photos will look shit! No one wants that.

It could be that you want moody as fuck images, and in which case you won’t be laughing, but you still have to be comfortable and enjoying it.

Planning your shots to an extent (not everything, that’s overkill) will help your couple session on the day go smoothly. I’ll have planned what I think is best, where the photos will look amazing and how you are best captured so this will make things transition smoothly!

You two will laugh lots, you’re in love for goodness sake, of course you will.

We’ll not leave your guests for hours (unless you want to). I find it’s best to do a 30-45 minute photo sesh after the marriage and then grab you both for some more photos throughout the day and evening. Usually 10-15 mins at a time. You’ll get great photos that way. It will be fun.

#3 Get the wedding images you dreamt of

A bride and groom dance, Black and white image
Romantic first dance photograph

So important again, that’s why it’s in here I guess! Cool as fuck group shots? Romantic, dreamy, grainy, black and white couple shots, EPIC solo shots? If you want them we can do it. They’ll be captured in a way that helps tell the story of your day, not just from a tick list from a Pinterest inspo board!

#4 The wedding cake cutting shot

Bride holding a sword like a musketeer, serious face pointing at a wedding cake
Wedding Cake shot with a bride, Jen

Possibly, THE MOST awkward shot of all. We can do it, of course, but you’ll never look at it again and think “let’s get that on the walls”.

Here’s the deal with those rascals. We can, and will get photos of your cake if you’ve got one, don’t panic! And your cake maker will get access to them to promote their business YAY!

But you both standing awkwardly holding a knife that is way too small or too fucking big, standing too close to move your arms properly, forcing a smile with everyone looking on? We don’t need that if you don’t want to. That’s one of those traditions you don’t have to embrace. I’ll help, don’t worry!

Fancy something cool with your wedding cake shot? We can work something out for sure.

#5 Posing for Wedding Photos

Natural light onto the faces of a couple
A light leak onto a bride and groom. Edinburgh Caves.

This can be the cause for much panic! Will we look too posed? Will we look like goofballs? How will we know what to do?

You defo won’t look like goofballs, you’ll never look too posed and I’ll tell you what to do as we go along. Just be you two in love, hold hands, touch lips, touch skin, smile, whisper sweet nothings and giggle a lot.

You see that last point is HUGE, it’s without doubt the best way to help tell your love story. You’ll hear me say this so many times but this all works so well if you two just be you two and I just third wheel with a camera in my hand.

There’s your guide to wedding photography

I hope this all helps a lot or a little? If you want to head back to the homepage click here. There’s links throughout to other articles too.

You can get in touch, click here, or check out my instagram just here.

But right now I can’t wait to speak soon, Ryan ?⚡️

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