Romantic Beach Elopement


Romantic Beach Elopement in Scotland

Romantic Beach Elopement


“The moment that you enter into any kind of human undertaking in a relationship, what an act of faith. See, you’ve given yourself up. But this is the most powerful thing that can be done. Surrender, and love is an act of surrender to another person” – Alan Watts.

Romantic Beach Elopement in Scotland

Love on the rocks

Take yourself to the quietest, rockiest, snow covered beach in Scotland. The east coast, Seacliff beach. It’s perfect. The red rocks, the smell of salt and seaweed and sand that goes on for miles and miles. Waves crashing against the rocks forming shapes as they explode before evaporating or returning to where they came from.

Add some love, beautiful flowers and handmade dresses and here you are. Love on the rocks.

Two brides hold hands as the waves crash on the rocks.

The perfect beach elopement vibe?

Just two people alone, a bond between them like no other. The fresh air, the sea, the freedom. The little looks, the smiles, the handholds, the squeezes, the giggles. No rules. Just love.

That’s what this was about, creating just that to show couples how simple an elopement or wedding can be when you strip it back to what actually matters.

Romantic Beach Elopement in Scotland

Creating is simple

This romantic, moody and atmospheric styled shoot was a delight to work on. Styled shoots need to be special in their own way. Don’t just tick a box. Create something magnificent. This was all about creating something that is achievable for those lovebirds that choose to work with me.

Those involved have supported me since my arrival in Scotland last year and I wanted to help them engineer some scroll stopping images to showcase their individual genius. 

I was first drawn to Julie’s work at A Curious Arrangement because of the colours and the flowers she uses. Her work is so aesthetically pleasing. She is more than a moody, gothic style florist, but an artist who creates works of art with her flowers for the couples and businesses that choose to work with her. Please check out her IG @acuriousarrangement and see her creations for yourself. Look at the weddings she works on, they are spectacular.

Wendy at @FlossyandDossy is a delight, as are her bespoke, handmade creations. To be a dressmaker is a talent, an art, a gift. You can see that in these, and her new designs. If you would like something completely different and would love your dream dress to come to life I would absolutely recommend a consultation with Wendy in her beautiful Glasgow studio.

What next?

Enjoy the gallery

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