Glasgow City Wedding


A November Love Story

This Glasgow City wedding was unique. Weddings are so often about the couple, nobody else, but at the end of November ’22 the star of the show was somebody else.

The Story

After I have shot a wedding you’ll receive 10-15 images the next day. I then take a couple of weeks away from the images before coming back to prepare the slideshow and to edit the gallery. With Scott and Lyndsey’s wedding I took a bit longer. The story was different, the focus was on their daughter Freya. A beautiful little girl who spent the morning often with her mum and bridesmaids, and then with her dad and his groomsmen. A little rolling stone throughout the day.

A family day

Jennifer Moher taught me that “There is always a story, you just have to find it and follow it”. With this wedding at The Grosvenor and Cottiers in Glasgow a beautiful tale of a tight family unfolded. Baby Jack and his chunky thighs, big smiles and giggles passed around proud grandparents and friends like a package everyone wanted. Freya in her dad’s arms throughout, often covering Scotts face in photos, but that didn’t matter. This was the story, the story of a loving young family. It’s beautiful isn’t it?

As a wedding photographer it’s so important to sit back and observe before you fire your camera. Many talk about story telling but as the incredible Jonas Peterson says “What about story listening?”.

I won’t get caught up in trends and fads, the approach you invest in will give you a story of what exactly is happening around you and your loved ones. What is the purpose of the photograph? Will the final image make you feel something? If not, then I won’t take it. As always, this day was full of that process and weddings that want me there, will all be the same.

Here’s the gallery

You can view the slideshow here

Your images will always be delivered with music to match your vibe and you as a couple. This is the first time you’ll see the images and I want you feel something and to (ideally) ugly cry haha! Slideshows are around 20% of the final images, the full gallery is delivered 24 hours later, with your box of postcard prints (around 25) and USB following a couple of weeks later.

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  1. Lyndsey Brown says:

    This has (once again) brought me to tears! I am forever amazing at how you see the true meaning of our special day. This day was always (if not more) Freya’s day, than it was ours.

    A true Union of a family, bonded with more than just love xx