Super8 Weddings ROCK!

Still Image of Super8 Film Footage
Glasgow Wedding | An Alternative Vision | Super8 Film

Why Super8?

Why not? It’s an awesome addition to your wedding day photography. The grain, the rawness, the light leaks, the jumps and flickers in film, all captured on an original 1976 Nikor Camera (I have two!).

How do we book it?

Easy, we have a chat, you talk me through your day, where it is, what your vision is and I’ll make it all come alive with the addition of celluloid, my camera and that infectious whirring as the film goes around!

Do you shoot the photos and film?

In short yes. My priority will always be the photographs but in between moments I’ll grab the camera and capture lots of 10 – 20 second clips of your day as they happen.

The film and photo combo works better if you also add in a second shooter for the day. That way, nothing at all is missed. I have two second shooters that work for me. They both shoot in the same way as I do, and then your photos are all edited and supplied in one online gallery, with love (lots of it) from Pretty Flamingo Weddings!

How much does it cost?

This all depends on what you want. The films are around 40ft long or in time, that’s around 3 minutes of potential capture time. Usually if you go for just one film you’ll get a highlight film of 60 seconds, if you want the whole day capturing then you’ll get a film of around 5-8 minutes, depending on what is going on at your wedding and of course what light we have available!

Highlight film – 1-2 minutes – £750 (only available with a photography package)

5-8 minute film – All day coverage – £2,150 

How do we receive it?

It’s all done digitally. Once the lab have received the films, they take a few weeks to process and to digitise it. It then comes back to me, I edit it, add some music to suit, add any audio from the day (only if it is going to enhance the film) and then you’ll get a YouTube link to your film.

A couple of months later the lab will send the actual films back to me and I’ll send these onto you. You won’t be able to do much with them, BUT, they look fucking cool!

What does it look like?

You can watch a short film here called The Dress. This was filmed in Edinburgh for the launch of a very, very alternative wedding dress from Isolated Heroes.

Here is the latest wedding filmed on Super8. You will love it.

What were the photos like from that day?

You can see them here. I worked with Romina my awesome lead second shooter. You can’t even tell who took which photo eh?

Book your film now!

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