9 Incredible Wedding Tips


Here’s 9 incredible wedding tips to help make your day and photos even better!

That’s me looking very serious in between the wedding and the party….. thinking of top tips for this blog!

Where to start?

Over the last load of years I’ve seen so many things that are INCREDIBLE and work so well, and I’ve seen things that of course, could be improved! Here are 9 ways to help improve your wedding day (this could grow as I write….)!

1 – The guests, who to invite?

The cast of a new edgy crime drama wait for the happy couple | Glasgow

The stress….well it doesn’t have to be stressful, you can keep it simple, it’s your day! I love an intimate wedding, limited guests, a room full of people that matter, no BS, no inviting your mums neighbours cousin who you met once 10 years ago! You’re in control. Stay in control.

It’s easy to invite everyone, to bump your costs up by far too much and to even feel that you need to invite people because someone is helping fund your day. Don’t do it. If you wouldn’t invite them down to the pub tonight and pay for their food, why invite them to YOUR wedding day? Learn to say no, be firm and that goes for relatives to. If you don’t want them, don’t invite them.

2 – Interfering Idiots

I have seen it time after time, those people who make your day about them! They are hanging around because they’re related or there to help, but they take over. You’ve seen it to right?

Parents can be the biggest culprits here, or sometimes a diva bridesmaid or groomsman. It sucks and it can honesty wreck your day.

DO NOT let others stresses become your stresses. Your wedding day is for you to relax and to enjoy, not to chase around “loved ones” to help them find things, find someone or to help with a hotel room or taxi they forgot to book! If someone is taking up your time while you prepare for your magical moments, tell them to get in the sea! Better still, book them a cab to get there…splash!

3 – Walk don’t run

A little guest invades the aisle and unexpectedly blows me a raspberry!

If your wedding involves walking down an aisle of any sorts, for you or your wedding party then remember IT’S NOT A RACE.

Take your time, enjoy the moment, embrace the anxiety and make this moment about YOU! Have a look at your lover, send a wink, a smile, blow a kiss, wave….but don’t run!

That goes for any bridesmaids, flower girls, page boys, big boys whoever! Young ones are a nightmare for sprinting down the aisle, make sure there is someone to guide them down at a pace that is for a wedding not for a sports day! Nobody wants a flower girl who drops one petal and legs it to their seat before they drop another!

4 – Keep it tidy

Prep / getting ready photos usually start to tell the story of your day. They look great, I often shoot them in black and white as I feel it helps tell that part of the story better.

Now depending on where you are getting ready this one can be tough but I’m going for it. In the mornings there can usually be a few, or lots of people in one space at a time. It can be relaxed, it often is, but it can also mean the room is an absolute mess and full of clutter.

This sometimes can’t be helped but if you don’t want empty packets, bottles, phone charges, plastic bags, open luggage cases and bags in your wedding photos then put them away as you go, or better still get your crew to tidy up as they go. Do I sound like a nagging parent?

5 – Clean your finger nails

Keep those fingers fresh and clean folks!

Yes it’s your moaning maw here again! This wedding tip is HUGE, especially if you have a manual job or love DIY, gardening or playing with worms…. The hands are such an important way of expressing love, I take a lot of photos of hands during your wedding day and we need those digits super clean so I can share them with you. Don’t be a grub, give ’em a scrub!

6- Get your pals to help

Bridesmaids, MOH’s , best men, best women, groomsmen have such fun at weddings. Their pal is getting married and that can only mean tears then beers, wahhhayy! YES, yes it does but be sure to remind them that they have a duty to help you first. If it was a case of just putting on that posh frock or suit and having a drink then that would be great, but there are times on your wedding day when you both or your guests will need a little helper!

Below are photo’s of Iona and Jon, these crackers were maid of honour and best man at a recent wedding and they nailed it. Helping the couple, helping guests and most importantly of all (ahem…) helping me (the photographer)!

Joking aside it really, really helps when your photographer has someone to help with the groups shots, to grab a water, to find the lovebirds! Get them involved, you’ll need it.

7 – Phones away

Keep it unplugged

You love your phone, your guests love their phone but we don’t want to see it in the photos do we?

Fortunately it’s becoming more popular for couples and celebrants to instruct guests not to have their phones out, phew! However it is easily forgotten. Whether it’s a Nokia 3210 or an iPhone14 if it’s in someones hand it’s going to be in your photos and it will look AWFUL!

Put up a sign, tell the celebrant and even tell guests before they arrive not to have their phones out and to enjoy the moments. The best photos on the day will be your photographers! Your pals don’t really need the social likes and you want to see their happy and smiling faces when you marry right?

8 – Avoid awkward photos and cake cutting?

That’s not a knife, that….is a knife. Jen rocking the sword!

Hopefully there won’t be any awkward photos! You may have me third wheeling so you’ll be ok, BUT if you want to avoid a totally awks moment, then avoid the cake cutting tradition! We can still get a photo of the cake for your cake maker, but two people holding a knife meant for one that is too small or too big, cutting a cake they won’t eat, to create a photo they’ll never look at again, with everyone watching on….. why you even doing this?

9 – You can have it all if you want

Here we are, nearly at the end of the 9 incredible wedding tips!

Sparklers, fireworks, smoke bombs, confetti exits, if you’re going to have it then have it all! Don’t think a little will work, it won’t! With this stuff it’s go BIG or don’t bother. Get these photos right and you’ll have some amazing photos to hang on your walls. Don’t forget to plan these into your day with your photographer though, they will help make them look incredible, like this…

Have ALL the confettithrown at you

10 – P.A.R.T.Y

I said 9 incredible wedding tips I know…. here’s number 10… if you’re having a party then don’t mess this up.


You’ve been to those flops yourself, everyone is there watching on….. the first dance is over, the band stops for too long or the DJ whacks on a dance floor killer and all that is left is someone two stepping their way to the next pint with a dance floor surrounded by chairs full of folk eating a beige buffet! NOOOOOO!

So here’s my top tips to keep the party, partying…

Pick a decent band / DJ that get you, your vision and that you can trust.

Go and watch them at another event, tell them what you want, what you don’t want and listen to their advice.

If they interact with the guests, get off the stage, create a dance off or play their instruments on the dance floor you’ll be dancing all night long! Wahhooooo!

Keep dancing (if you can), when you leave the dance floor so will your guests.

Get your pals to stick with you and party until the end. Honestly, when parties go off they are great for photos and that’s what we all want right?

Thanks for reading these 9 incredible Wedding Tips for your special day.

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